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How Does Gardening Help A Child's Development

Research suggests seven areas of developmental needs. Having to care for plants is a good way to learn to look after and respectother living things and when we are small it helps develop an appreciation of the magic of nature.

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Gardening encourages kids to eat fruits and vegetables which leads to a healthy lifestyle.

How does gardening help a child's development. Whether theyre selecting plants learning to grow things or planting the garden is a great environment to explore and discover new and exciting ways to build and grow. Community farming works all of their major muscle groups. The ability to approach a situation assess possibilities and create a positive outcome will help them not only in school but in life as well.

Children can learn about interdependent plant and animal needs photosynthesis seed production pests both harmful and beneficial and composting. The simple act of digging and planting also helps physical development strengthening both gross and fine motor skills. Children are tactile and sensory learners.

Beyond what your child will naturally learn from being outdoors there are ways to make the gardening experience more educational for him. You can start by helping them think through all the necessary preparations required to grow a healthy garden. Enhances Fine Motor Development Scooping up the dirt placing the seeds in the pots and pouring the water all take fine motor control and strength.

Activities for a child in the garden Watering the garden Digging Picking flowers Planting vegetables fruits and flowers in the correct season Feeding the worms and using the worm tea from the worm farm as fertiliser Picking vegetables and fruits when they are ready to eat Preparing healthy food. Planting a garden can affect not only your childs body but also their brain and soul. In the garden children have to move around a lot to tackle tasks like watering fertilizing pruning mounting plant stakes digging weeding bending and gathering organizing and storing seeds.

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Our world needs more ACTION instead of passive consumers and this is where gardening can come into action. Need for Physical Activity which can be achieved through working in the garden like pulling weeds moving soil or lifting. This is how gardening allows children to develop a proactive and healthy routine in life.

They get to smell all the amazing flower scents and see all the colourful petals. Gardening with children provides the perfect combination of skills and tasks to address your childs development. A new study has found that gardening is an excellent source of physical activity and promotes healthier lifestyles for youth.

How does gardening help a childs development. The basic needs of a childs development can be supported through gardening activities. Deborah Bergeron Perceptual Motor and Physical Development.

It also helps develop hand-eye coordination and builds physical strength. Certain gardening activities at certain ages provide some of the best learning platforms for this development. A gardening program allows children the opportunity to make food choices based on new experiences.

A fifth goal of gardening programs is to provide opportunities for science education. Gardening Helps With Child Development and Cognition Working on a garden project helps your children work on important skills involving memory analyzing planning and predicting outcomes. For example gardening is a great physical development activity.

Gardening provides moderate-to-high physical activity for children. A childs strength and dexterity can be developed when participating in a community garden. Gardening can help kids burn off extra energy and control their.

Gardening introduces children to science. Young children can practice locomotor skills body management skills and object control skills while they move from one place to the other carrying tools soil and water. Gardening engages all sorts of senses and helps children to develop and recognise them without even realising.

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Social and Emotional Development. Reading about gardening and talking about the growing process can expand childrens. Gardening is a great way to stimulate your little ones imaginations and encourage them to exercise their creativity.

This is especially important for those with physical disabilities that make traditional forms of childhood exercise participation in sports etc less practical. To over protect your child or limit their natural curiosity is to deny him or her the ability later to make good decisions when faced with moving ahead in life and dealing with practical and emotional issues. Ingenuity creativity and innovation are skills that will help your child.

They can feel the texture of soil seeds flower and petals. They breathe in the fresh air. Scientific research suggests that getting up close and personal with dirt can improve childrens mental and physical health.

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